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The global coatings industry began as a result of World War II. Europe needed to rebuild after the war, and the construction boom that followed led to a shortage of materials, especially cement. This shortage forced German companies to create a coating system to offset some material problems they were experiencing during reconstruction.

The founder of Sunland Coatings Mfg saw an opportunity to invest in a new construction application that had a promising future. He purchased a batch plant from a German company and began manufacturing coatings in Phoenix, Arizona. The hot climate in Arizona was a great place to apply and monitor coatings. Sunland Coatings Mfg was then purchased by our current owner in 2006 and continues to provide quality service and products today. Through our experience in the coatings industry, we are very familiar with environmental effects on buildings and highly skilled at manufacturing products that will combat these effects. After 30 years of watching coatings being applied all over the state as well as many other parts of the United States and Canada, our coating products have proven to have many benefits.

1. Our coatings are truly flexible and will bridge hairline cracks. The ability to bridge gaps reduces the amount of warm or cool air that escapes from a building. This means that the air conditioning systems do not have to work as hard, and this will save cost on the electric bill.

2. Our coatings create a breathable, seamless membrane that is highly resistant to wind, driven rain, and  salt spray, and exhibit
fire-resistant properties.

3. Our products are easy to apply and easy to maintain, while still being cost-effective.

4. Our white roofing coatings help the environment by reflecting sunlight, which keeps buildings cooler and reduces energy consumption.

5. All of our coatings will last many years when properly applied under normal conditions. This saves the consumer money because they don’t have to recoat it so often.

Sunland Coatings Mfg specializes in coating products for a variety of construction applications.

Exterior wall coatings
Roof coatings
Walk deck coatings

Our coating products are in many buildings throughout the US, especially in the southwest. Our formulas remain the same because they have withstood the test of time. We provide a superior product for a competitive price, and we will ship anywhere in the world. Please give us a call at (602) 437-2639 or request an estimate from our professional staff.

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Sunland Coatings Mfg provides roof coating products, wall coating products, and installation services to Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding area.

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