Elastomeric Roof and Wall Coating Materials

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 Elastomeric Products Overview and Spec Sheets


CoverCoat Elastomeric Primer from Sunland Coatings Phoenix AZ

White Elastomeric Roof Primer

  • Water-based, non-toxic Elastomeric Primer
  • Best Adhesion – bonds to almost anything.
  • Easy to apply – brush, roll or spray.
  • Complete Weather-Proofing: Resists wind, rain, salt
  • spray, and ponding water.
  • Economical: Requires less material, saving on costs

Get the CeramiCoat Spec Sheet here.

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Sur-Cure R1831 Sealer

Final Coat Elastomeric Paint for Roofs by Sunland Coatings

Sunland Coatings Best Elastomeric Coating

  • High solid elastomeric roof coating
  • Designed for application over base coats
  • Creates a weatherproof, fire-resistant,
    and ultraviolet-resistant coating
  • Highly reflective to produce cooler rooftop

Get the FinalCoat Spec Sheet here.

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CeramiCoat Elastomeric Paint for Walls and Roofs by Sunland Coatings

Elastomeric Paint Coating for Concrete, Stucco, and Walls

  • Elastomeric Coating with insulating ceramic beads
  • Durable and reduces heat gain
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Applications for walls – interior or exterior
  • Available in Flat or Gloss
  • Easy application: brush, roll, spray

Get the CeramiCoat Spec Sheet here.

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Sur-Cure R1831 Sealer

Sur-Cure R1831 Elastomeric Sealer - Primer for Elastomeric Coatings by Sunland Coatings

Primer for Sealing Walls

  • Water-based, non-toxic
  • White elastomeric/acrylic coating
  • Designed as a base coat
  • Adheres to wood, metal, urethane foam, and expanded
    polystyrene foam
  • Creates a waterproof finish

Get the Sur-Cure Spec Sheet here.

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SunFlex Caulk

SunFlex Caulk from Sunland Coatings Elastomeric

Elastomeric, high build waterproof sealant

  • Heavy-bodied elastomeric sealant
  • Outstanding elongation properties
  • Adheres to various surfaces
  • Weatherproof and UV-resistant
  • Easy application and maintenance

Get the SunFlex Caulk Spec Sheet here.

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Tie-Tex Polyester reinforcement fabric for roofing.

High-Performance Polyester Reinforcement Layer

  • High-performance stitch-bonded fabric
  • Used in roof maintenance systems
  • Compatible with various coatings
  • Reinforcement for liquid roof coatings
  • Available in multiple sizes

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