Here at Sunland Coatings we specialize in exterior building maintenance and repair, flat roof and wall coating in both the domestic and commercial sectors. Specializing in this particular area allows us to focus on manufacturing and installing a high quality, top of the range product. Whereas our competitors may offer additional services we concentrate on a smaller area. We are now one of the leaders in the flat roof maintenance and wall coating repair sectors with many years of experience in producing and installing the best quality materials available.


Flat roofs are a popular choice, particularly in the commercial sector, as they are a more cost effective alternative to other roof types. Flat roof materials are generally less expensive than traditional roofing materials and can be installed and replaced quicker. Cleaning and maintenance is also generally easier but still requires the experience of a specialist.

Your exterior flat roof is subject to a lot of punishment from the elements both extremely hot and wet weather can cause considerable damage to your roof. An effective, protective coating has the potential to save energy and money. A quality product both manufactured and installed by us can provide the protection your roof needs for a number of years, saving you money from constant repairs as a result of using cheaper and inferior materials. Here at Sunland Coatings we use an Elastomeric roof coating system.

This is a liquid applied coating, typically made from acrylic, manufactured by us that cures into a durable, highly elastic membrane when it dries. The elastic quality makes it easy to apply to most roof surfaces and is highly adaptable to a wide range of weather conditions.

Sunland Coatings are unique in that we DO NOT rely on suppliers for our materials. All our products are manufactured by us in our specialist workshop. Many suppliers use cheaper, poor quality materials but by using Sunland Coatings you are assured of a high quality product. We know exactly what goes into making a quality, long lasting coating, which will serve you well for years to come.


We all know that sadly nothing lasts forever! Here at Sunland Coatings we guarantee a high quality product which will serve you for many years. However, regular maintenance will increase its longevity. Neglecting your roof will cost you more money in the long term where you may be forced to replace it entirely. Regular maintenance can prevent this.

We offer a comprehensive maintenance and repair service to flat roofs, whatever the size, both domestic and commercial. We can offer you a regular annual check to ensure your roof is both safe and protected from the elements and advise of any changes/repairs that are required.

Our specialist team possesses the knowledge and skill to identify both existing and any future problems you may experience. All our repairs are carried out by experienced professionals and to the highest standard using only our own manufactured materials. Offering you a long term and durable solution to all your roofing problems.

Our repair services include:

· Coating and Re-coating

· Leaks

· Cracking and Flashing

· Storm Damage

· Tears or buckling in the membrane

· Water pooling

And much more. We offer prompt, reliable service at a very competitive price

A flat roof demands a lot of skill and experience and we advise you not to attempt any repairs yourself. Sunland can offer you a professional service at a budget to suit you. DIY attempts often result in worsening the problem, causing you more unnecessary expense.

We undertake all types of flat roof repairs, whatever the size.

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